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  • Sales contract of workplaces no. 3,4, and 5 on block 90084, parcel no. 6 have been signed, and the necessary work is underway for the sale of the remaining 2 workplaces. Among collective workplaces located on the block 90111 parcel no.8, workplaces numbered 8 and 16 were sold to the contractor who did the finishing works of 3 blocks and 8 of them to other people, 10 workplaces in total were sold. The sale of the 1 workplace on block 90091, parcel 24 has been made, and the necessary works are being carried out for the sale of 6 workplaces on block 90111, parcel no. 8; 18 workplaces on block 90091 parcel no.24, and 14 workplaces on block 90087 parcel no.7.
  • Intense efforts are made for both direct sales of the workplaces located on block 90084 and parcel no.6, and the located on blocks 90111, 90091 and 90087, in return for the work to be done to our cooperative. Endeavors are carried out with experienced corporate real estate companies in this regard.
  • We participated in the “Sign of the City Awards” competition under the name of the Aluminum Industry Site. In this great organization where the most important projects in the construction and real estate sectors competed, we managed to carry our Project to the finals with the presentations and preparations we organized. At the same time, we once again a finalist in the ongoing projects in the field “Best Industrial Building”.
  • To meet the business needs of our members in need of the sale of a total of 40 workplaces, including 2 workplaces on block 90084 parcel no.6, completed 6 workplaces on block 90111 parcel no. 8, 18 workplaces on block 90091 parcel no. 24, and 14 workplaces on block 90087 parcel no. 7. Evaluation alternatives with the campaigns have been arranged and will be organized only for our members.