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As a result of the negotiations made by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality ASKİ General Directorate and the Cooperative management, the land cost fee is covered by the written authority of the ASKİ General Directorate, to be made under their control and to be taken over at the end of the street no. 2029 and the waste and rainwater under this street. 3 companies submitted proposals on the basis of unit price, for the construction of the waste and rain water line with horizontal drilling under the ring road, and the connection of the waste and rain water networks to the waste and storm water networks of ASKİ Ankara central districts in Etlik Ovacık. Erka  Cons. Eng. Mime. animal commitment Singing. Trade Ltd. It was given to the company. The works were completed and transferred to ASKİ on 01.11.2017 and opened for use.

Infrastructure is of great importance for our site. For this reason, necessary initiatives continue with other institutions, especially with Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, and concrete results will be obtained in the coming period. As a matter of fact, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality made the widening and asphalting of the road coming to our land as a result of the negotiations regarding the improvement of our road, and the first part of 2029 Street, which passes in front of the 90084 island 6 parcel and the 90111 island 8 parcel, and the 2037 Street, 2043 Street, 2047 Street, 2050 Street. Some of the road infrastructures and asphalt were made. The asphalting work of the second part of 2029. Street and a part of 2041. Street, 2034. Street, 2035. Street, 2037. Street was completed and opened for use.